Key values

We are of the opinion that more than anything we are responsible to the ones that use our services and that consistent growth and development is always possible through attaining fair profit along with providing for the interests and satisfaction of the interested parties.

-  Adopting novel methods of marketing and planning towards providing services appropriate to the demands of the market and enhancing the efficiency in the company with the purpose of strengthening and consistent development of the position of the organization in internal and external markets.

-  Attracting, maintaining and effective training of the most expert staff and adopting novel technologies and state-of-the-art technical knowledge in the fields of electricity and communication with the purpose of providing quality services.

-  Continuous improvement of the process approach in the performance of the organization( and attention to process rather than task) and employing and optimized use of the results of the analyses and monitoring and measurement of the processes and enhancing qualitative and quantitative indices of providing the services.

-  Increasing the level of responsibility and institutionalizing team work culture and systematic view aimed at attaining cooperation and synergy as well as enhancing the level of creativity and innovation through developing motivational systems.

-  Providing for the interests and increasing satisfaction of all the interested parties including customers, staff and shareholders and attention to customer service.

-  Identification, evaluation and control of the security and hygiene dangers and ensuring the application of appropriate preventive measures towards decreasing intensity and recurrence of the accidents and occupational diseases and commitment to the identification and execution of all the security and occupational health regulations at all stages of providing services.

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