Lines affairs services

1.      Maintenance and repairs of transmission and distribution of lines and cables of Isfahan, Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari and Yazd provinces as well as high voltage substations of industries such as: Mobareke steel, Saba steel, Haft Tir

2.      Execution of transmission overhead lines of voltage levels of up to 400KV including: Executing the foundation, Installing towers and cabling

3.      Execution of Cable lines of voltage levels of up to 63 KV including: cabling, installing cable heads and joints along with necessary tests

4.      Performing up-rise visits of transmission and distribution towers in Energized mode in order to identify line faults and to remove them

5.      Executing overhead cabling OPGW on transmission lines in cold(deenergized) and hot(energized) modes

6.      Replacing old conductors with new generation high capacity conductors(Acss, GZACSR Gap Type) of voltage levels of up to 230KV

7.      Installation of insulators and  silicone rubber interphase spacers

8.      Design, installation, execution and test of earthing systems of substations and high voltage towers of the lines

9.      Troubleshooting and test of all kinds of high voltage cables

10.  Optimization of lines consisting of: painting galvanized steel of the towers, modification of foundations, service and washing of contaminated insulators

11.  Computer simulation by software  in order for accurate evaluation of the ground system of substations

12.  Measurement of ohmic resistance and Surge Impedance Loading( SIL) of towers by using modern equipment to determine the efficiency of earthing network and ground system

13.  Measuring resistance of the ground system of substations

14.  Performing continuity tests, step and touch voltages of the ground system of substations

15.  Electrical insulation of bus bars of 20KV and LV

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