Services of the technical office affairs

1.      Analysis and providing reports of events and outages in transmission and distribution substations of the electric network and private substations by means of software Etap-PSCad-ATP-Matlab-Emtp-Digsilent and providing solution to decrease the number of events and outages in the network and recurring events and also providing solution to avoid recurrence of events caused by human factors and as a result decreasing the number of outages and events

2.      Training and planning in the field of principles of control and protection and relay and substation equipment( circuit breakers, transformers,…) , setting and coordination of relays and automation and DCS and general and specialized software

3.      Relay test and simulation of actual events through inserting actual faults waveforms into relays and test by Omicron, FREJA, and… and as a result locating and removing faults of protective relays

4.      Survey and investigation of the logic and logic functions of SOFT, PSB, VT Fail of relays of reliable brands and also study and investigation of Arc Protection

5.      Performing planning of preventive maintenance (PM) and making arrangements with all executive branches and also arrangement with planning unit of dispatching and officials of the substations to acquire permissions for on time outages.

6.      Planning for issuing troubleshooting cards for executive units.

7.      Receiving reports of emergency faults related to the power transmission network and planning for dispatch of executive units for troubleshooting

8.      Providing monthly reports of repairs and maintenance including execution of preventive maintenance- troubleshooting faults and emergency troubleshooting

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