Introduction to Calibration laboratory and measurement unit

Capabilities and abilities of the calibration laboratory:

-  Performing Calibration with accuracy of %0.02( by using PTS 400.3 meter test system) in accordance with the approved certificate of the organization

-  Performing Calibration of all types of energy meters, multifunction meters, network analyzers, meter test systems and relay test systems

-  Performing calibration at laboratory site as well as at required sites by using the portable system

-  Transducer tests MVAR, VAR, MWATT, WATT

-  Providing calibration certificates approved by standard and industrial research organization

Capabilities and abilities of the measurement unit

-  Installation, start-up, configuration and networking energy meters

-  Installation, start-up, and configuration of all types of multifunction meters( Current, Voltage and power)

-  Installation, start-up and configuration of all types of analyzers of power network

-  Test of current circuits and voltages of measuring devices in online mode

-  Online test of measuring equipment

List of major employers:

Isfahan regional electric company, operation deputy for calibration of all types of meters of the electric market, voltmeters and multifunction meters installed at transmission and distribution substations

Asalouye power plant for calibration of energy meters and multifunction meters of current-voltage and power

Yazd regional electric company for calibration of relay test system  Freja300, meter test system MVTS

Power generation management company of Isfahan for calibration of digital power meter

South power plant of Isfahan for calibration of meters and transducers

Qom electric power distribution company for calibration of electric market meters Actaris

Mobarekeh Steel Complex of Isfahan  

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