Introduction to projects affairs

Executing EPC projects in the field of high voltage transmission and distribution substations in three parts:

A.    Executive groups( Installation, test and start-up)

-  Executing optimization  projects of energized substations( often without the need for black-out)

-      Installation and replacement of HV equipment of voltage levels of up to 400 KV

-      Manufacture, installation and start-up of protection, control, SCADA, VCR, AVR, …

-      Executing interface systems and SCADA

-      Executing tele-protection systems(DTT)in transmission substations

-      Construction of capacitor banks, etc.

B.     Design unit

-  Preparation of designs pertaining to manufacture, installation, and execution of transmission and distribution projects along with calculations and

-  Preparation of 3D drawings for design of structures by updated software such as SAP and mechanical and also providing exploded view drawing for manufacture and assembly

-  Short circuit and load distribution calculations

-  Design and calculation of earth system by software Cymegrd

-  Design and providing exploded view drawings for all the control circuits , protection, AVR, … by software ELCAD, Eplan

C.     Construction unit

-  Preparation of comprehensive plan

-  Monitoring execution of construction projects such as developing proper foundation( according to predetermined calculations) for installation of HV equipment

-  Digging and making channels for high and low voltage cables

-  Monitoring and construction of office buildings, control rooms,

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