Services of Protection and Control affairs and DCS unit

1.      Execution, test, maintenance and repairs of all types of control and protection systems of power plants, power transmission networks and industries

2.      Execution and modification of the configuration of all types of protective relays and control circuits

3.      Repairs of all types of protection and control relays including numerical, static and electromechanical

4.      Installation, test and start-up of all types of measuring equipment, meters, registers of events in electrical systems

5.      Execution and development and repairs and maintenance of DCS system in transmission and distribution substations

6.      Repairs of all advanced and old types of systems such as Omicron, Freja, Sverker,…

7.      Design and manufacture of all types of alarm boards, TCS relays, and protection and control relays

8.      Performing calculations and executing damping resistor in order to damp ferroresonance phenomenon

9.      Manufacture of DC earth fault detector that is installed in the system permanently

10.  Performing setting calculations and test of synchronous switching relays in high voltage circuit breakers

11.  Presenting useful plans to deliver RIO files for relay test

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