Introduction to Repairs affairs

-          Transformer unit

-          Circuit breaker unit

-          Transformer unit services:

1.      Repairs and preventive maintenance( PM) of transformers of transmission and distribution substations and power plants

2.      FRA test( measuring and analysis of frequency response):

In order to identify the faults of the core and the winding of power transformers including: short circuit between loops, core problems (grounding at multiple points, contact of sheets), displacement and deformation of windings, displacement of the core and loosening of the holders, ..

Reasons of performing FRA test:

1.      Evaluation of the status of the transformer at site after the transportation of the transformer

2.      Evaluation of the status of the transformer as a part of the routine tests and also in life management projects

3.      For troubleshooting of the transformer

4.      Lack of the usual performance of the transformer due to accidents

5.      Continuous observation of unusual cases in routine tests of the transformer and online monitoring system

6.      After the fundamental repair of the bushing, winding, or tap changer of the transformer

3.      DIRANA test( Dielectric Response Analysis)

Measuring important parameters of the dielectric response in this apparatus include:

1.      Dielectric spectroscopy in time domain, i.e. measuring polarization and depolarization currents( PDC)

2.      Dielectric spectroscopy in frequency domain( FDS), i.e. measuring electric capacitance( C) and Dielectric loss tangent (tanδ ) in terms of frequency.

Services of circuit breaker unit

1.      Repairs and preventive maintenance (PM ) of all types of circuit breakers and disconnect switches of transmission and distribution substations and power plants

2.      Fundamental repairs or overhaul of all types of circuit breakers

3.      High voltage circuit breakers analysis

4.      Performing all the general and specialized tests on circuit breakers and disconnect switches including:

-          Time test

-          Ohmic resistance or static resistance test

-          Insulation resistance(Megger)

-          Minimum performing voltage test

-          Inspecting charger current

Tests pertaining to gas circuit breakers (SF6)

-          Due point test

-          Gas purity test

-          Vacuuming the poles gas and storing it

-          Inserting gas

Vacuum circuit breakers tests

-          Vacuum check test

Tests pertaining to oil circuit breakers:

-          Dielectric test


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