High Voltage power transformer test system

High Voltage power transformer portable test system (using power electronic frequency converter notion)

With the ability to perform the following tests:

1.      Induced voltage test

2.      No-load loss test

3.      Short circuit loss test

4.      Test on on-load tap changers

Role and importance of this test:

Tests and measurements with sine wave high voltage has a vital role in guaranteeing the health and quality of power transformers.

Normally these tests are performed in the frame of routine tests or type tests after the installation and repairs and also for detecting the faults of power transformers

Induced voltage test

This test is aimed at proving the electrical resistance of each terminal of the line and the connected wiring to the ground and other wirings. This test also proves the electrical resistance between phases and along the windings under test (loop to loop installation).

Short circuit loss test

This test is conducted with the aim of proving matching of the design of the winding with its manufacture.

On-load tap changers test

This test is conducted with the aim of control of the correct performance of on-load tap changers.

No-load current and loss test

These losses are guaranteed by manufacturer and their compatibility is proved by testing.

The references of these tests include:

1.      The disadvantages of the regular diesel-generator system (M/G) for use in the company HVAD

2.      Increase in the diesel-generator system comes with a lot of limitations now that according to standard, frequency should be doubled for level insulation windings

3.      Synchronous generators get self-excitation problem and their voltage is increased uncontrollably. Maintenance, transportation and operation of Diesel-generators come with more problems than the new system.

4.      The advantages of using the new system with the notion of utilizing power electronic frequency converter

5.      Maintenance, control and performing test in a simple way and the instant disconnection of voltage in the case of probable accidents

6.      Adjustable frequency from 0 to 200 Hz

7.      Possibility of increase of test voltage through exciting LN winding of transformer unders test using intermediate transformer

8.      Sine wave form of test voltage with THD<%5

9.      Reactive power compensation required for the test by varying the frequency

10.  Introducing novel tests for power transformers that Akhtar Bargh Company is capable of.

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